Terminator Zapper PKG Clean Cloth Wrist Bands FREE GIFT Kill Parasites Bacteria



Terminator Zapper Complete Three Item PACKAGEKill parasites, worms, bacteria, fungi, etc.


Terminator 2, plus Copper Contact Cleaner Cloth, and Soft Cotton Elastic Wrist Bands!


For BEST Results, your zapper contacts must be kept clean. EVERYTHING YOU NEED is included in this package, with special reduced price shipping

Free Gift, LED Flashlight, Put your used 9V zapper
batteries to good use

ALL ORDERS SHIP SAME DAY AS CLEAR FUNDS RECEIVED, whenever possible, time of day permitting

Check the photos and read this listing carefully before buying, No Returns

Terminator Zapper Recognized as the MOST popular, MOST effective, and the BEST selling zapper, The Terminator Zapper is recognized to kill parasites such as worms, virus, bacteria and fungi. The Terminator heals on higher levels as well, such as emotional and spiritual. The Terminator II Zapper is designed and manufactured by Don Croft. Generally known and accepted as the best Zapper in the world, Don says the Terminator continues to heal the body after the parasite die-off. The main work of zapping is parasite cleansing. The Terminator Zapper measures 3 in x 2 in x 1 in. Can also be placed into a sock, under a bra-strap, in your waistband, or use an athletic wristband, be creative. All orders are shipped same day, whenever possible. The Terminator Zapper, pulses at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz. depending on the state of the nine-volt battery’s charge. Requires a 9 Volt battery, not included. Works with rechargeable batteries.

** INCLUDED: One Step Zapper copper contact cleaner cloth – Non scratch micro-abrasive cloth works effortlessly without moisture to clean your copper contacts. Simple, fast Dry Zapper Copper Contact cleaning cloth is safe, effective, Quick and Easy. Full Size. Approximately 5 x 7 3/4 inches, double sided, This DRY CLOTH, safely cleans your zapper copper contacts, returning them to a nice shine. Cloth is also effective for cleaning other metal surfaces and jewelry. The Cleaning cloth is effective until surface of the cloth turns dark. No other cleaner required. Zapper Copper contact cleaning cloth is packed in a resealable plastic bag. 

** INCLUDED: Zapper Wrist Bands – Comfortable, Unisex, Package of two, wear on wrist, arm or leg for daytime, and around foot or palm for sleeping. Package of two wristbands. Stretches comfortably to accommodate most arm or leg sizes. Works with Basic or Terminator Zapper. Holds zapper snugly in place during normal daily routine, or while sleeping.

 Lightweight, Durable, 
This Super Bright LED is durable & lightweight. Just snap it on any 9V battery and use the easy on / off push button switch for high illumination. It measures
approximately 1 inch x 1 inch x 5/8 inch
. Battery NOT included. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all batteries are created equal, so LED flashlights may not fit securely on every brand. If your flashlight does not fit tight and secure, please try a different battery

Even on brand new zappers, copper contacts can appear marked or scratched, The zapper manufacturer tells us that in an effort to keep the price of the basic zapper low, sometimes surface imperfections are unavoidable

Zappers are a personal care item, and are not returnable, however in the unlikely event there is a manufacturer’s defect, the manufacturer will quickly provide free repair or replacement. 100% Satisfaction.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not manufacture zappers, we just try to offer them at a fair price, with same day shipping. We make no claim regarding benefit or effectiveness other than our own personal success, and even though we all know about the amazing results many individuals have enjoyed, every person is unique and results cannot be guaranteed. We have no way of knowing if the product is being used properly or consistently. We also have no way to monitor battery freshness or contact cleaning.

IMPORTANT: For optimal results, PLEASE READ the two page information sheet included with your zapper carefully and follow the suggested protocol. Especially regarding contact cleaning, battery replacement guidelines, disclaimers and specific instructions regarding skin irritation.