The Cloud Buster Orgone Energy Diffuser – EMF Protection



Weighing in at almost 3 pounds, this extra wide 6.5″ orgone generator has metal vortex spirals secured in four copper pipes to diffuse orgone energy in all directions – designed to protect up to an acre of property (tested with pendulum for efficacy). Excellent for EMF protection and space clearing.

Generous amount of aluminum to resin ratio. Large crystal embedded in middle. Seed of Life geometry centered on top.

(EXTENSION COPPER PIPES NOT INCLUDED) Adjustable… just add copper pipes the size of your choice for expanded protection – 3/4 inch copper pipes (found at most hardware stores), any length from 6 inches to 6 feet. Instructions and information included.

Each piece is similar in construction and color vibration, yet no two are alike. Made here at the Monastery.

Each chembuster cloud diffuser comes with an information sheet, purple flashlight pen, and free surprise gift.