The Discovery of the Orgone, Volume Two: The Cancer Biopathy



Two Vol set in one book, The Discovery of the Orgone, Vol 1 & The Cancer Biopathy, Vol 2…..What is cancer? Traditionally, medical science has thought of it as an invasive tumor arising spontaneously in an otherwise healthy organism. In contrast, Wilhelm Reich defines cancer not as a tumor–the tumor is merely a late manifestation of the disease–but as a systemic disease due to chronic thwarting of natural sexual functioning. In this radically different scientific investigation of a process that ends, literally, in the putrefaction of the living body due to chronic suffocation of the tissues, Reich has arrived at the conclusion that “cancer is the most significant somatic expression of the bio-physiological effect of sexual stasis.” If this is so, there is a far greater possibility for the prevention of cancer than for its treatment.