The Silver Lining Colloidal Silver Generator Kit CS30


The Silver Lining Colloidal Silver Generator Kit CS30




  • Portable Current Limiting Colloidal Silver Generator.
  • Operates On One 9V Battery or Plug-in DC Converter
  • 9V DC In with 30V DC Out to Electrodes
  • Includes TDS Meter and two six inch 12 Gauge Silver Wires
  • Includes Water Resistant Zipper Bag
Small but powerful portable colloidal silver generator. The Silver Lining CS Generator runs on either a plug in power converter or one 9V battery. The power is stepped up to 30V to the silver electrodes and limits the amount of current producing the smallest particles.

* Includes 2 – 6 inch pieces of 12 gauge gauge 9999 (99.99%) pure silver wire. Assay report is included. 12 gauge wire will produce many more gallons of colloidal silver than the thinner wires. The unit will accept 10 , 12 , or 14 gauge wire. Connects with easy spring button connector..

* Side panel has switch to select either DC in, or battery. Red LCD light to show power is going to the silver electrodes. And a DC jack where you plug in the power converter.

* 30 volts are delivered to the silver electrodes whether you use the power converter or one 9V battery.
Easy slide open battery compartment.

* Current limiting produces the smallest particles. Once the current reaches a very small level, it will remain there. This prevents current “runaway”. Do not buy a generator without this feature.

Produces the recommended 7-10 ppm or higher if you like.

* Generator Dimensions: 5.5″ X 2 5/8″ X 1″ – With wire holders – 1 7/8″

We also offer another version of this CS Generator with an air pump installed so you do not have to stir the water. Do a search for B01FKO9DXA on Amazon

This Kit Includes:
The Silver Lining CS Generator
TDS Meter so you can see what you have made.
DC power converter.
2 – 6″ 12 gauge silver wires
Cleaning Pad
A great, durable, water resistant zipper pouch that holds everything included with room to spare for other items. Maybe some first aid or survival items. Measures 12″ X 7.5″. One of three colors will be shipped with unit. Either red, green, or blue.
Batteries not included.