ThrowinStones Aquamarine Tumbled Stone – One Genuine Natural Tumbled Aquamarine Gemstone, Wicca Reiki Crystals and Healing Stones E0044




  • 🌀 100% GENUINE NATURAL BLUE AQUAMARINE STONE – Not dyed or color treated in any way!
  • 🌀 QUANTITY – You will receive ONE (1) Tumbled Blue Aquamarine Crystal.
  • 🌀 TRUTH – Aquamarine promotes abundant self-expression and helps one to feel comfortable speaking truth.
  • 🌀 INNER VISION – This crystal is said to promote inner vision, purity and peace. Excellent crystal to use in any spiritual practice, reiki or meditation.
  • 🌀 THE PERFECT GIFT – for artists, poets, writers, creatives and crystal lovers!
2 – 3.75 cm long

12-24 grams

You will receive 1 stone.

The ruler photo shows possible variations. You will receive one stone.

Aquamarine is a stone of courage and truth! It brings relief to stress, helps to calm the mind, and promotes abundant self-expression. In Eastern traditions, Aquamarine is cherished as the stone of the seer and the mystic. Aquamarine helps open one’s inner sight, and is said to promote purity, peace, and truth. It is also a wonderful stone to use in pregnancy because it emits a protective energy. Blue Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, the planet Neptune, ocean energy, and the moon.