Tibetan Three Metal Spiral Healing Medicine Ring. Unisex, Helps Relieve Arthiritis and Tendon Pains




  • Hand Crafted using 3 Tibetan Healing Metals by Tibetan Artisans in Nepal.
  • The Copper in the ring aids circulation and promote Healing. Great for pain of arthritis and Tendons – Helps to reduce the swelling
  • High Quality Spiral Design, Adjustable to Fit any size – wear it on your thumb, pointer or whichever finger wants a ring on any given day Stylish and full of benefits you will always find a reason to wear it
  • Authentic and Fairtrade – comes with letter of authenticity.
Tibetan 3 metal healing rings are great for finger joint pain and swelling. The copper helps relieve tendon pain and improves circulation.
For those unfamiliar with wearing copper jewelry, copper always tarnished and always marks the skin to a certain extent. The amount depends on several factors, such as how acidic your skin is and how much you perspire. Thats the property of pure copper.
However if you are concerned about the stains caused in your finger by this ring you can clean the ring to remove the tarnish and then paint it with clear nail polish or regular topcoat.
We at Healing Lama recommend not to apply any polishing and wear it as is for ring to work properly for Healing purpose. You can always wash your finger with mild soap and warm water to get the stain off.
Wear for protection in all directions and to bring love and spiritual harmony into your journey – Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with Healing Lama 3 Metal Tibetan Ring. Get yours Today. You’ll love the look and feel of this piece