Top Plaza 7 Chakra Healing Crystals Natural Gemstones Kit W/Tumbled Palm Stones,Irregular Raw Rough Stones,Platonic Solids Crystals,Chip Stones for Reiki,Yoga Meditation,Wicca,Therapy




  • 7 Chakra Healing Crystals Natural Gemstones Set, polished, smooth, hand carved, size and shape are standard, but the color will be slightly different. This Gemstones Set Include: Platonic Solids/Tumbled Palm Stones/Rough Raw Gemstones/Chip Stones.
  • Material: Natural Gemstone; Size: Platonic Solids(approx 15mm-23mm/50g), Tumbled Palm Stones(approx 15mm-20mm/85g), Rough Raw Gemstones(approx 15mm-25mm/125g), Chip Stones(7mm*9mm/110g).
  • 7 Chakra Healing Stones Include: Crystal Quartz – Crown-Sahasrara; Amethyst- Third Eye/Brow–Ajna; Lapis Lazuli – Throat–Vishuddha; Green Aventurine – Heart–Anahata; Red Aventurine – Solar Plexus–Manipura; Carnelian – Sacral–Swadhisthana; Red Jasper -Root–Muladhara.
  • 7 Chakra Healing Crystals Symbolize Wealth And Abundance, Helping You To Achieve All What You Desire! It Brings Good Luck, and Also Relieves Stress. They Bring Excellent Healing Powers, Especially For The Heart And Heart Chakra.
  • Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual. Each spiritual healing stone has a specific color and psychic vibration, emitting positive energy to attune and cleanse your aura.
Top Plaza focuses on providing stylish and excellent quality Fashion Gemstones Jewelry/Healing Energy Crystals for customers.
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Beautiful and High quality 100% natural 7 chakra gemstones kit. Perfect for gemstones collector, Bring for Healing Energy.
This beautiful set contains 7 specialized Crystals faceted into the Sacred Geometric shapes known as the Platonic Solids/7 Engraved Chakra Symbol Stones/7 Chakra Tumbled Palm Stones/7 Chakra Rough Raw Gemstones/Lot of 7 Chakra Chip Stones. Excellent energy enhanced set for Chakra clearing and Balancing, Meditation, and Dreamwork

Note:Due to lighting effects, monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the color tone of the pictures and the actual item! Pay attention to size, not just judge it by intuition.

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