TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin (Gallon)




  • Excellent base coat for laminating applications. No sanding between coats
  • Remains tacky to hold fiberglass and other composite cloth in place
  • Available in Quart and Gallon sizes.
  • Excellent for saturating fiberglass fabrics
  • Used extensively in composite construction, especially boat repair and building
This economical laminating resin is ideal for first or base coat applications. Great for wet-out of fiberglass and other composites when building or fixing boats, surfboards, automotive molds, and other molds. Unlike many other laminating resins, no sanding is required between coats decreasing work and time. TotalBoat Polyester Laminating Resin was engineered without wax in order to enable a tack to hold composites in place, even vertically. MEKP hardener is included for the final coat. Compare to 3M Fiberglass Resin, Evercoat Laminating Resin, System Three Silvertip, Mas Epoxies Flag Epoxy Resin, and West System 105 Epoxy Resin. Quart and gallon sizes available. All TotalBoat products are developed by boaters, for boaters.