Tower of Power Orgone EMF Security System



This 4 inch tall orgone energy generating mini tower is uniquely designed to provide a powerful range of EMF protection. The system is constructed using~ three solid copper pipes with onyx stones (known for dispersing negative energy) strategically placed inside each pipe, three spiraling wired gemstones, geometric symbol at the base to keep the energy flowing, set in a base of ultra violet resin mixture. 2.5 inch pyramidal base. Excellent for whole house EMF protection.

For indoor, outdoor and travel use.

Enhance resilience to stress; Assist mental clarity.

Each tower buster comes with an information sheet. Tested with pendulum for efficacy.

Please note that these tower busters are handmade – the exact length of each pipe varies, as well as tend to torque outward due to the resin curing process. They are beautiful to the eye and effective for the environment – but are not made to machine type perfection.