Vivaplex, Cobalt Blue, Glass Bottle Set, 16oz (x2), 8oz (x2) with Trigger Sprayers. 4oz (x4), 2oz (x4) with Fine Mist Sprayers, 10 ml Stainless steel Roller Bottles (x4) – Plus Accessories




  • 16 Piece, Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle Set, Plus Accessories.
  • Larger 16oz (x2) & 8oz (x2) Bottles Include Black Trigger Sprayers and Screw Caps. Smaller 4oz (x4) & 2oz (x4) Bottles Include Black Fine Mist Sprayers and Screw Caps. 10ml Roller Bottles (x4) Include Stainless Steel Roller Balls and Black Lids,.
  • Accessories include: 16 Blank Labels, 3 ml Dropper, Funnel, and Roll-on Bottle Opener.
  • Perfect for essential oils, cleaning products, and lots of other uses.
  • Cobalt Blue Glass Protects Against Harmful UV Rays
These high quality, Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles are perfect for use with essential oils. They are also extremely useful for a variety of household uses. The different bottle sizes provide convenience for many different occasions. The Trigger Sprayers have both Mist and Stream settings and the Cobalt Blue glass provides protection from potentially harmful light.