Zentron Crystal Collection: 1/2 Pound Tumbled Black Onyx




  • Individual stones within the Zentron Crystals package are unique and will all differ slightly. These pieces are about 1″ in size. Keep in mind the differences in size and shape will vary the amount of stones you will receive
  • Part of the Zentron Crystal Collection a top quality assortment of hundreds of beautiful gemstones and crystals found throughout the globe
  • This for 1/2 Pound lot of stones (.22 Kilograms, 1133 carats, 8 ounces)
  • Our 1/2 Pound and 1 Pound lots come in a protective velvet bag for extra protection as well as easy storage and handling
  • Uses of our gemstones are infinite in possiblities. Some of these uses include: cabbing, tumbling, lapidary, healing, jewelry, cutting, decoration, reiki or metaphysical
Onyx is commonly mistaken for agate and vice versa. They are almost identical except for the main difference which states agate has curved bans while onyx has parallel bands. Onyx is found in many different colors ranging from white and black to brighter reds and yellows. Onyx has a been used in jewelry and trinkets for many centuries. Common uses in ancient times include beads and even bowls and plates. Black Onyx is commonly associated with the root chakra.