Zentron Crystal Collection: Rough Citrine Crystal Stone, Comes with Velvet Bag (1 Pound)




  • Individual stones within the Zentron Crystals package are unique and will all differ slightly. These pieces are between .5″ to 2″ in size. Keep in mind the differences in size and shape will vary the amount of stones you will receive
  • Part of the Zentron Crystal Collection a top quality assortment of hundreds of beautiful gemstones and crystals found throughout the globe
  • This for 1 Pound lot of stones (.44 Kilograms, 2266 carats, 16 ounces)
  • Our 1/2 Pound and 1 Pound lots come in a protective velvet bag for extra protection as well as easy storage and handling
  • Uses of our gemstones are infinite in possiblities. Some of these uses include: cabbing, tumbling, lapidary, healing, jewelry, cutting, decoration, reiki or metaphysical
Citrine is a rich, yellow variety of quartz that is colored by either trace amounts of iron or through heat. It is rare to find Citrine and most is found throughout mines in Brazil. Citrine gets its name from the latin word Citron which means yellow. Citrine is associated with the solar plexus chakra. Citrine is sought after for both its rare yellow coloring as well as superstition that it will bring prosperity. Some refer to the stone as the “money stone.”

High Quality raw Citrine stones. These come in a small velvet bag for easy handling and storage. This lot is for 1 Pound of stones or 16oz. Sizing of the stones is from .5″ to 2″ pieces. Since these are natural products your stones will be very similar to the ones listed but not exactly the same. Please allow for natural variance and keep in mind this means your stones are one of a kind.