Zentron Crystals 1/2 Pound Rough Black Tourmaline, Includes Velvet Bag – Large 1″ Pieces




  • Large stones are approximately 1″ in size
  • Individual stones within the Zentron Crystals package are unique and will all differ slightly. The stones you receive will not look exactly like the ones picture but will be very similar
  • Can be used for lapidary, cutting, cabbing, tumbling or for chakra, reiki, or other metaphysical practices
  • Genuine Zentron Brand Crystals
  • This for 1/2 Pound lot of stones (.22 Kilograms or 1133 carats)
Tourmaline first became popular in 1876 when it was bought by Tiffany and Co. It can be found on every continent in colors ranging from red, pink, brown, black, yellow, purple, green, and blue. This wide variety of color comes from changes in its chemical composition. Darker tourmaline usually has more iron while lighter tourmalines have more lithium. The word tourmaline comes from the Tamil word turmali a Sri Lankan language