Polyester vs Epoxy Resin

Polyester Vs Epoxy Resin

Many people have contacted me asking me for advice relating to the use of Polyester Resin, Epoxy Resin what does what, which is the best for certain casts. Firstly so need to decide where you are going to start creating your castings as some resins are toxic and require excellent ventilation when making orgonite or any other casting craft creations. If you decide to work outside then the temperature and weather conditions will also play a determining factor when choosing the type of resin to use. If it’s summertime or you live in a warm or hot climate then using Polyester clear casting resin would be recommended as polyester resin cures faster, usually within 1 hour than epoxy resin, in general, polyester resin is cheaper to buy than epoxy. As the polyester resin cures fast it’s perfect for casting orgonite pyramids with different layers as each new layer can be cast every hour. The main factor for working with polyester outdoors or indoors in a well-ventilated area while using a proper 3M Respiratory Mask is due to its toxicity so be sure to take measures to protect yourself and ventilate the room very well!.

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When having no choice but to work indoors it’s best practice to choose other types of resins such as the Non-Toxic Epoxy Resin which can be used indoors and has no negative respiratory effects. Epoxy Resin has it’s benefits regarding health safety taking into consideration it’s non-toxic and BPA free. On the down-side epoxy resin can take up to 24 hours to cure. This can be frustrating when using it for making orgone pyramids because of the required layering. Because the epoxy resin is thicker you tend to get a lot of bubbles in the mixture. These bubbles will eventually rise to the top of the casting. Epoxy resin takes in effect 3 days to completely, fully harden.

Non-Toxic Slow Curing Epoxy Resin

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