Types of Shungite

Types of Shungite

There are two forms or grades of shungite. The lower grade called black shungite contains anywhere from 40% to upwards of 80% carbon. It’s got a very dull appearance very much like coal and the higher grade represents only 5% of the shungite that is mined and it comes from very small veins that run through  the rock formation. This higher grade is referred to as silver shungite or also as Elite or Noble shungite and it’s got a very silvery shiny appearance and a carbon content of between 80% and 90% carbon. Also it has a much higher fullerene content. Both grades of shungite work to enhance water but the silver form or the elite form works much faster. If you use black shungite to treat water you’re gonna need about a cup of stones (300gr.) to treat every half gallon of water and you need to let it sit for three days for its influence to fully permeate the water. 

When the elite form is used you only need a small handful about 30 grams in the same half gallon of water and it can be ready to drink in between three and eight hours. So if you take care of elite shungite you should never need to replace it. One drawback to using elite shungite is that it’s brittle it fractures easily and it can leave tiny chips in the water if damaged and this is one reason that we recommend leaving the elites shungite in a pouch while in the water, this makes it easier to move from one container to another and the small pieces that might break off don’t end up necessarily in the water. Another possible drawback to using Elite shungite is that when it fractures it often exposes a layer of oxidized iron rust this can be removed with a wire brush but if those rust deposits aren’t removed they can leave rust in the water.

I’ve had people tell me that they have bought elite shungite on Amazon and that their water turned orange, well that’s because those deposits weren’t removed. Since elite shungite is too brittle to shape and polish it’s the black form that’s used to make sphere’s and other shapes and beautiful jewelry and the other shapes that are marketed are black shungite which does look very silvery and shiny when it’s polished. e carry spheres. Personally I keep shungite formed into sphere’s close to me especially when working at the computer. In spherical form stones tend to radiate their energy really rapidly and evenly especially in water. 15 to 20 minutes with a small shungite sphere in a glass of water makes a glass of water that’s very balancing and stress relieving. Spherical forms of shungite tend to cleanse and harmonize the energetic body better than irregularly shaped stones.

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