1/2 lb Rough Shungite Healing Crystals for EMF Protection – Natural Raw Shungite Stones for Water Purification -Jewelry Making – Crafts – Tumbling – Polishing – Wicca – Reiki and Crystal Healing




  • BLACK SHUNGITE CRYSTAL – Shungite is one of the only known natural material known to contain fullerness, which are powerful aniti-oxidants. The energy embodies within this ancient stone is said to absord and eliminate anything that is a health hazard, and it has active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers.
  • HEALING CRYSTAL IN BULK – We offer a wide variety of rough stones in bulk. One pound of rough shungite, and a half pound of shunite. Not only do we provide healing stones in bulk we also offer wholesale pricing to every customer.
  • MEDITATION STONE – Shungite is believed to have incredible healing and protection properties, including: boosting energy and immune system, balancing mind and emotions, protecting from harmful EMFs, detoxification and purification of the body.
  • HOW TO USE SHUNGITE – Use them as vase fillers, centerpieces for your dining table, use them in your house to absorb electromagnetic energy. Energetically grid a room in your home or office by placing black shungite in the four corners or the space. Wear or carry it in your pocket or purse.
  • WATER PURIFICATION – Most people use shungite for water purification, since the stone is able to absorb water. Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds, metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms.