5 Full Sized Orgone Black Sun Tower Busters Quartz Crystal Energy KindOrgone




  • Quartz Silica, Black Iron Oxide, Crystal Mix, Fine Steel, Crushed Seashells
You will love this Black Sun Orgone- Tower Buster Puck lot of 5 full-sized TB’s that aids in the transmutation of stagnant/negative energies & EMF waves(DOR=dead Orgone energy) into a more positive form(POR-positive Orgone energy) for the body to naturally process. The main base of this Orgone consists of: Black Iron Oxide Powdered Metal, Crushed Quartz Silica, and Casting Resin- Also added to the base mix is some: special 15 crystal blend(pictured), Fine Steel, Crushed Seashells, & Copper Strands for a little added punch! Personal experience has found that burying this Orgone approx. 10″ into the Earth(especially in a grid pattern) produces expanded results. The crystals and working area are cleared with Sage and the Orgone is given the intentions of “Harmony & Air Purification” while being cured in the bright Florida sunshine. Creation process is based on the research of Wilhelm Reich, Karl Welz, & Don Croft. *Always a little bonus added! **Orgone is not intended/stated to treat or cure any serious medical issue- as medical issues are suggested to be attended to by a proper physician. Many people experience effects that can reduce the symptoms of certain issues but these vary person to person. **Orgone is a handmade product & may show some small imperfections from curing such as bubbles or texture variations, but this in no way affects the quality or function of the orgone devices themselves.