Digging Dolls: 1 lb Shungite Rough Rocks from Kariela Russia – Raw Natural Stones for Water Purification, Arts, Crafts, Tumbling, Polishing and Reiki Crystal Healing




  • Amazing Digging Dolls Shungite Rough from Russia
  • The worlds best water purification stone
  • Our image shows the stones after a quick rinse and pictured wet – you will want to rinse the stones when received to remove the layer of dust from the mining process.
  • Each stone is unique and yours will be similar to the stones in our image.
  • Includes only the authentic Digging Dolls brand of stones – as our mascot Ruby says, “We get our hands dirty… so you don’t have to!”
The Digging Dolls Brand of stones is owned by female rock hounds who care deeply about providing only the best quality and value with the most spectacular 100% natural stones on the market. When you order any authentic Digging Dolls product you can be certain that every order has been through a rigorous quality control process and only the best products are allowed to feature our Digging Dolls logo.

This amazing Digging Doll’s shungite comes directly from the Zazhoginsky mine in Karelia Russia and contains over 30% carbon. These stones are perfect for water purification and can last for an average of 6 months before needing to be replaced. Shungite cleans water from practically all organic substances including toxins, bacteria, pesticides, microorganisms, and heavy metals. It is also able to remove unpleasant odor’s and tastes from most water. Many people who camp take shungite with them to purify the water on their camping trips since purified water isn’t always available.

Every stone is unique and you will not be receiving the exact stones in the pictures. As natural earth mined stones that formed over millions of years they will vary in size, color, shape and patterning. This is a carbon based stone and it can be very dirty with the material shedding on your hands which is completely normal. The most important thing to Digging Dolls is making sure our customers are thrilled with what they receive when ordering the Digging Dolls brand.