Elite Orgone Pyramid Energy Generator with Emf Protection for Chakra Healing/Meditation Yoga Development- Balancing Positive Energy! A Solution for Physical, Emotional-Negativity Removal Stone




  • Approx 70-75 mm. This small orgone pyramid holds a strong punch. It is very beautiful to look at and serves its purpose of clearing our house of negative energy and works well at emf protection.
  • It neutralizes the harmful effects of emf radiation all around us from electrical devices. It gives positive energy are good for our health. Cleansing of energy. Could be more effective as orgone pyramid have a distinctive impact.
  • Help control the flow of energy in my living space. Beautiful, powerful, great energy, lovely product. It’s a very soothing effect on your nervous system and overall chakra healing.
  • This orgone energy accumulator is great in remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares. Neutralize the lymph nodes radiation by placing the volcano on the stage of the vein intersection. The pyramid is stunningly gorgeous and an absolute beauty to hold and display!! The colors are bright and the pyramid is highly polished and of excellent quality!
  • Contains 100% pure quartz rock!! – including black tourmaline, black quartz rose quartz is great for inner growth!!- all are healing crystal emits reiki energy!
Start your healing journey and emf protection with Elite Orgone Pyramid. It is intended to align your physical and etheric body with healing energy. Each specific crystals is intended to activate the chakras to calibrate to their harmonic resonance and take parts into Chakra Healing! It turns negative energy into positive energy. This orgone energy accumulator is elegant, the surface very shines. Surely it will love it. Each stone is quality full and collected from 100% natural quartz crystal including Black Tourmaline, Black Quartz, Rose Quartz. This orgone pyramid is made with polyester resin, metals of varying kind and density, and different precious crystals. This orgone can be a good gift for that special someone. This orgone pyramid benefits to keep in your workplace so you can stay grounded throughout the whole day. Not only is it beautiful, colorful, unique design but it will help you to control emotional body and raise the mood of your workplace as well as Meditation Yoga. It’s quite beautiful, it has a very calming effect once you just pick it up and see the very top of it with the light reflecting on it from different sides, it has a very cool effect for your nervous system once you simply hold it, & look at the top.