Elite Shungite Stones for Water Purification size 5-9g




  • Elite Shungite 92-98 percent carbon. Qty total: 100g / 3.5oz / about 1/4 lb per Pack
  • Random shungites crystals weight (One stone) 5-9 Gramm
  • Our stones are selected manually, mechanically pre-cleaned without the use of chemistry, so that you get the best stones.
  • Authenticity – certified stones extracted directly the Zazhoginsky mine From Karelia, Russia
  • Keled Rocks – The trust supplier of elite shungite stones from Russia


How to Use Shungite to make fullerene-rich water:

  • Add 10-15 grams of Elite Shungite per 1l. of water and allow to mature for 2-3 hours or overnight prior to consuming.
  • It is best to leave shungite in the water until it is consumed.
  • This helps to maintain the fullerene-like structure and the hydrogen in the water.

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