Elite Shungite Strand Bracelet, Unisex, Adjustable Length, from 6.70″ to 7.50″




  • Design: Elegant, Strong Well-Designed Bracelet with Elite Shungite Polished Beads. Bracelet Adjustable with Strong Stainless Steel Chain
  • Size beads:~ 5-30mm; Size Bracelet Adjustable from 6.70″ to 7.50″. Fit most size of wrists.
  • Beads are Manufactured and Processed on Modern Machine Tools.
  • AFTER-SALE SERVICE- 90-Day Money Back Guarantee or Exchange; We Are Engaged in Providing Best Shopping Experience.
  • Shungite Wares of Premium Class from The Brand Wallystone Gems. Get a Reliable and High Quality Product
You will receive a unique energetic bracelet. Developed to provide a timeless and beautiful piece of jewelry. Wearing a shungite bracelet concentrates energy useful to the body. It is the ideal stone for meditation. Shungite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual. It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians.

This bracelet Will be a great gift for yourself and your loved ones.

Brief information about shungite for buyers:

– Real shungite contains pyrite and quartz. On some products you can see golden strips of pyrite and light quartz bands. They make the shungite more elegant. Since they do not just look like a black stone, it has inserts and looks great.(look at the picture)

– Shungite is similar in appearance to coal, it leaves black marks on his hands. This is because of the large amount of useful carbon. In order for shungite to leave no traces on the skin, it is necessary wear it every day for a month.

– Real schungite conducts current. If you bought shungite and want to check its quality – check it for electrical conductivity. This is the surest way, since shungite is one of the stones that can conduct electricity.

Than to check up shungite for electricity:
– Multimeter. Measure the current resistance, if the readings are displayed on the scoreboard, then you have a real shungite. (look at the picture)
– Indicator screwdriver on batteries. Touch the shungite, if the indicator is on, then this is a real shungite. (look at the picture)