Healing Severe Chemical and EMF Sensitivity: Our Breakthrough Cure for Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Electro-hypersensitivity (EHS)




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From surviving to thriving!The author and his wife went through an unimaginable 5 months of a harrowing search of a cure for the extreme chemical and EMF sensitivity that developed almost overnight after she had been managing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity fairly well for about two years. She needed to be completely housebound for about 4 months to avoid any exposure to chemicals or EMF.This journey entailed a truly no-stone-unturned, all-out effort of finding and wholeheartedly trying almost 40 different healing methods/modalities and treatments. Some were used to manage the devastating physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, but most were in an attempt to find what was ultimately the correct blend, or ‘recipe’ of treatments. Once this right blend was finally found they did bring about a complete and lasting healing/cure for her. The end result is that she went from being confined to her home in to back at work at her office full-time with no chemical or EMF sensitivities 6 months later with no restrictions or limitations needed. She participates fully in every activity of normal life and has not had any recurrence for 22 months now.Based on this dramatic experience and successful outcome, the husband shares what they found to be most effective and critical components of that ‘recipe’ – and lists exactly what they would do with the knowledge they have gained if they were just now being faced with these devastating afflictions. The exact steps they would take are listed as the Essentials and Essentials on a Tight Budget, and they all can be done from home if need be. Alternatives are discussed as a primary treatment should that resource not be available as an option. Additional treatment options are examined and ‘rated ‘ by the author. This book also shares the knowledge and their first-hand experience with numerous and some quite powerful modalities and techniques that can be used as an addition to the ‘essentials’, many of which are free or almost free. The author and his wife hope others with these afflictions might benefit from what they learned from their intense journey, and perhaps find real hope and an optional path to complete healing.