How to make the World`s best Orgonite: All mistakes, so you don`t have to!



I started making and supplying Orgonite seriously this year in 2019 after studying it for many, having made poor Orgonite since 2016, and saw there was no real advancement in Reichian Orgonite technology, so I made a simple tech for a secret internet forum of Reichian cloudbusters and etheric/alternative scientists as a free PDF. This tech eventually became a book due to popular demand, which didn`t take long. It was only after publishing the book I realized to my amazement it was the only book on how to make Orgonite out there!!! I then edited this book and came with the perfect recipe for an energy device as finely tuned I as an extrasensory targeted individual could make it. It cost alot of time, money, and dirty fingers. I fell ill later in 2019, due to massive state harassment, and had to close my store, yet was happy I had finished my work, as I believe carefully constructed Orgonite should hit mass production for world betterment soon. The Orgonite recipe(s) herein produce the most vitallizing, sun-filled, male-dominanti-energy, and euphoric energy, tuning you directly into the etheric field and protecting your body`s etheric field from directed energy weapons, 5g, spiritual attacks, vampirism, etc, more so than any Orgonite I`ve bought. I am (too much) of a psychic, and had great fun finding the perfect number of layers, crystals, and ingredients which you can follow in my simple recipe. This is a short ¨pocket book¨, yet gives the reader an advanced introduction to the flow of ether, the scientific function of the World`s best Orgonite and why it`s constructed this way. I start with Wilhelm Reich, and from there it`s goes into tools, ingredients and crafting. You will find all you need from my own research, and collaboration with the certified nr.1 constructors of Orgonite worldwide, although I am the only one who was fortunate enough to own a ball-mill. I will detail both metal powder and shavings Orgonite.And most importantly: I deal with every mistake you can make, and believe me, there are a lot of them.I myself would buy this book if I was interested in Orgonite, interested in the ether/multidimensional physics, interested in Reich, tensor rings and/or crystals. And I STRONGLY advice you to buy it if you`re an Orgonite crafter. Being a perfectionist and hobby scientist since before I was a teen, I was appalled by the lack of scientific study regarding the creation and effects of Orgonite, to put it mildly.I am afraid most of the Orgonite out there is made by drug-addict hippie ufologists.Being an extremely extrasensory person, and having the tools, I saw using my alchemical antennas to find the perfect large-scale production recipe as my contribution to humanity. With Orgonite having grossed millions upon millions without proper scientific research, I hope someone comes after me, and takes Reichian technology much, much further, but as for now, this is the only tech for beginners to expert level.The absolute latest in Orgonite crafting from the world of secret science – going 80 years back to the heirtakers of Wilhelm Reich. PS! This book does not include making Orgonite cloudbusters, (which don`t really work) , nor does it explain how to create etheric translators/Reichian cloudbusters, which is our group`s main field of interest, based on secret documents passed down from Trevor James Constable to Thomas Joseph Brown, and later my dear, dear friend Mr. Harry Rhodes, who currently spearheads our project. This book does not include Mike Emery`s Bubble Tech. This book does in no content claim to be an ailment for any physical or psychological disease and is solely about arts and crafts.