Hypnotic Gems 120g 4.2oz Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Points Shards 30-50 Piece Lot Average Brand




  • 30-50 Piece Lot Average (may vary – average only)
  • Natural Unsearched and Unsorted from the Harena Mine
  • Variety of Shapes, Sizes, Qualities and Tints
  • Some may be Iron Coated or have Tangerine Hues
To keep the cost low for you these pieces have not been sorted. You will receive a variety of sizes, shapes, qualities, and tints. Most will be small to medium but there may be larger or tiny sizes in the bag as well. Please see the picture with the tape measure which is in cm for reference. Some of them may have an iron coating, some may be frosted, some may have full terminations, some may be shards without terminations, and since this is not sorted you may even get bonus pieces of pink or tangerine hued points in your bag as well. These points come from the Harena mine in Madagascar through an exclusive partnership with Hypnotic Gems. This item is the Hypnotic Gems Brand with manufacturers part number HG-HARS.