Karelian Heritage Authentic Elite Noble Shungite for Water Purification Set 100 gr (3,53 oz) ES104




  • Authentic raw elite shungite nuggets for making shungite water
  • The set includes I type elite shungite nuggets. Type I shungite contains up to 98% of carbon. The elite shungite is always used in its raw shape, so the stone sizes and shapes can be different.
  • The total set weight is 100 gr (3.5 oz). The set includes the stones of 5-10 gr (0.17-0. 35 oz).
  • Attention! The pictures are shown for illustrative purposes only. We will send you the best stones available. Feel free to ask for the pictures of the items available.
  • Manufactured by Karelian Heritage Company and comes in original packaging with a business card
Genuine Elite Shungite Nuggets from Karelia About Elite Shungite Nuggets Elite shungite nuggets can be used both for water purification and EMF protective jewelry making. Elite shungite water is water infused with elite shungite nuggets of different fraction sizes. Due to high carbon content, noble nuggets have highly powerful filtrating and curative properties. Elite shungite water stones absorb more than 95% of water polluting elements, mineralize it and endue with a number of therapeutic effects. Elite shungite jewelry can help you to reduce EMF radiation. The stone is widely known for its absorbing and protecting properties. Shungite is a natural geomagnetic material with a strong screening effect neutralizing high frequency and microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation. About Noble Type I Shungite Type I shungite is called noble or elite shungite and it contains from 90 to 98 per cent of organic carbon in it. Elite shungite nuggets have shiny silvery surfaces and have a high energetic potential due to the high percentage of carbon. Elite shungite stones appear to be a perfect natural healer and energy stabilizer. Besides, elite shungite has proven to have a powerful energetic field to help you keep your body and soul in harmony and you can use small elite shungite nuggets in order to make an energized shungite water to keep yourself healthy and balanced. Note! Buy directly from The Republic of Karelia where the only one deposit of genuine shungite is located. All the parcels have a tracking number and are properly packed to ensure the safety of your product.