Karelian Heritage Shungite Beaded Bracelet with Raw Elite Shungite, Root Chakra Jewelry (1 Raw Elite Shungite Bead) SB94



Shungite Beaded Bracelet with Raw Elite Shungite

Shungite Properties:

Shungite provides protection against any harmful influences including the electromagnetic radiation and unwanted energies, allows to reach harmony between your body and soul, and helps to get centered, grounded and balanced.

Elite Shungite Properties:

Elite Shungite has a higher energetic potential than regular shungite thanks to its unique structure and composition, and it appears to be a perfect natural healer and energy stabilizer.

Bracelet Healing Properties and Chakra Stimulation:

Shungite as the stone with powerful grounding energy is widely used for root chakra balancing. Being the stone of protection shungite shields you from all negative energy of the outer world creating favorable environment for Muladhara activation and further spiritual development.

Raw elite stone bracelet: The bracelet is made of carefully drilled small elite shungite nuggets in its natural shape, which has its silvery shine and shape with raw edges. Tumbled elite stone bracelet: The bracelet is made of tumbled elite shungite nuggets. It has less of silvery shining, but it has smooth edges so that it does not scratch sensitive skin.