Karelian Heritage Shungite Pendant Healing Spiritual Natural Pendant (Tree of Life) PE140




  • Shungite pendants have proven to contribute to your physical and spiritual health, keep the energetic balance of your body and soul and protect you from EMF, geopathic stress or any other negative influence.
  • Please be advised that shungite items may have infusions of golden-colored pyrite. It means that in the place where the stone was found there were streaks of pyrite in the same layer. Typically these infusions are not so noticeable on polished shungite items. But they may become more visible on engraved shungite pendants due to specific features of manufacturing process. Pyrite streaks do not compromise the quality of shungite and its properties and look like small hints.
  • Made of polished shungite; Size: 30x30x5 mm (1,18×1,18×0,19 inches)
  • Shape: round. Weight: 11 gr (0,38 oz)
  • Shungite pendants are the most popular and trendy accessories among those who want not only to be stylish, but also to be healthy.