Karelian Heritage Shungite Pendant with Engraving, Black Stone EMF Protection Jewelry (1.18 inches, Flower of Life)




  • Genuine shungite stone pendant, Natural black Russian stone for crystal healing
  • Please be advised that shungite items may have infusions of golden-colored pyrite. It means that in the place where the stone was found there were streaks of pyrite in the same layer. Typically these infusions are not so noticeable on polished shungite items. But they may become more visible on engraved shungite pendants due to specific features of manufacturing process. Pyrite streaks do not compromise the quality of shungite and its properties and look like small hints.
  • The shape of the pendant is round. The size of the pendant is 30x30x5 mm (1.18×1.18×0.19 inches); Weight of the pendant is 11 gr (0.38 oz)
  • The Flower of life is a geometry-based symbol connected to the essence and nature of divinity in life cycles, as circles have neither beginning nor end. Flower of Life is associated with order and harmony, and it will help you get energized, centered and balanced.
  • Manufactured by Karelian Heritage Company and comes in original packaging with a business card
Authentic Karelian Shungite Pendants About Natural Shungite Pendant Genuine shungite pendants are the most popular pieces of shungite jewelry. The pendants are considered to be the best choice for every day protection from EMF radiation and geopathic stress. Moreover, shungite pendants are well- known for increasing an overall efficiency of people and their energetic field due to wearing pendants in neck and heart areas. About Regular Type III Shungite Shungite stones can be divided into three types depending on the content of carbon in it. Type III regular shungite contains 30-50% of carbon. Regular shungite can be easily shaped and polished. The stone is widely known for its absorbing and protecting properties. Shungite is a natural geomagnetic material with a strong screening effect neutralizing high and microwave frequency electromagnetic radiation. One more significant advantage of shungite stones is that they don’t have a date of consumption, you can use them unlimitedly. The only thing you need to do in order to maintain their efficiency is cleaning and charging your stones on regular basis. Despite protective properties, it also has a positive impact on the whole organism. It helps to harmonize and balance your energy field, contributes to normalization of the nervous system, and allows positive energy to flow into your body. Note! Please beware of other stones being sold as if they were shungite. Buy directly from The Republic of Karelia where the only one deposit of genuine shungite is located. All the parcels have a tracking number and are properly packed to ensure the safety of your product.