Life Basis Water Distiller Stainless Steel 4 Liter Water Distillation with Glass Carafe Nozzle Insert and Pure Efficiently to Make Clean Water for Home Use (white Silver)




  • 💧 Purest Water:Efficiently remove 99.8% of pollutants. Distills 3.5L per 4 hours. Brings purest water and a new healthy care for family life. JUST SUITABLE FOR 110V-120V US.
  • 💧 Best Quality: Full new 304 stainless steel(both inside and outside) has strong heat resisitance,and glass collection bottle, prevent the distilled water from being polluted by the cheap plastic.
  • 💧 Healthy and Economical: Produce pure and fresh water for family life. Save money when compared to the bottled water or expensive water filter cartridges.
  • 💧 Safe and Easy to Operate: With a SPSP button, the device shuts off automatically when finished distilling. Promotion: BUY ONE Water distiller and you will get 5 filter bags for free. Please add the carbon filter bags when use.
  • 💧 Buy with confidence:1 year product replacement support for Life Basis Water Distiller.If you have any problem during the usage or the package missed some parts, please feel free to contact us.
Use steps: 1. Fill the tank inside the distiller up with water to the highest of the water line and please be very careful not to overfill tank. (Please note that hot water is not recommended here because it may lead to the disorder of high temperature protective function.)
2. Place top cover on the machine and then connect power cord from the top cover into the machine’s body
3. Set up storage bottle as in diagram, Connect power cord to power outlet.
4. Press “SPSP-Button” (except for the first time usage). The fan will come on automatically and the tank will begin to heat, thus starting the distilling process.
Warm tips
The water quality is different in the different country. So if you want to get the purest water, you need to test the ppm degree after each time usage and then decide how many times you need to distill for the expectation.
Note:– There is no switch off button. You can wait the water distiller to shut off automatically or unplug the power cord to power it off once you start the distiller.
– For the longevity of the machine you should clean the boil chamber residue after you use the distiller few times later.

Advantage of water distiller: The most effective method for the removal of organic, inorganic and biological (bacteria, viruses, etc.) contaminants, heavy metals such as copper and led and of course fluoride, chlorine and the other chemicals added to tap water.
Save money when compared to the bottled water or the continuous necessity for expensive water filter cartridges.
How to install the glass bottle handle, silicone and the carbon filter bags: Please refer to the third and fourth picture.

Material: The water outlet soft cath is food-grade silicone
Technical Details
Fully Stainless Steel both inside and outside
Dimensions: 39cm Height x 24cm DIA
Power source: 110-120V/50Hz