Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Sphere Ball 4.72”(120mm) for Reiki,Divination,Feng Shui,Meditation,Chakra Balance,Decoration




  • Material:Natural Rose Quartz, Size:Approx 4.72″(120mm);. Size will vary by +/- 0.2″.The box size:6.6″x6.6″x6.4″
  • Perfect Packaging: Including sphere ball ,woodstand and beautiful box. Exquisite packaging, exquisite gifts for lover, family members or friends to show love.
  • Rose crystal is also known as the love stone,it can improve your relationship with your lover, bring you a harmonious and happy life.It can also heal your love wounds and reduce emotional distress. The rose crystal ball creates a gentle field of energy that allows those entering the field to let go of their guard and eliminate tension and anxiety
  • The rose crystal is chakra crystal, the rose crystal ball are perfect for healing,reiki,, Excellent tool for focusing on meditation, Perfect choice for home decoration or office
  • Each one of the rose crystal ball are authentic and unique,so their color and clarity are won’tnecessarily receive the exact crystal ball that are featured in images,but,you will receive crystal which are similar in shade and size.
The rose crystal ball wrapped with bubble foam in a perfect box.,Comes with a woodenstand base for display.
The rose crystal ball can improve your relationship with your partner and help you have a happy love life .Spheres send energy in all directions.They help to facilitates smooth communication in group settings.
Rose quartz is rose or pink in color. Connect your mental energy and sexual desire.It is often used to help enhance a woman’s sexual pleasure. The rose quartz is also used to open energy from your Heart chakra to your upper and lower Chakras.
The rose crystal ball Suitable for healing, reiki, meditation, massage, crystal healing, feng shui setting, chakra balance, divination, elimination of negative energy, gift,and home decoration. Experience the beauty and magic of natural rose quartz crystals.
The rose crystal ball is hand-made by natural rose quartz, each piece of rose quartz is carefully selected, each of the natural rose crystal ball is unique,and the inner stripes and cracks are normal, These are not defects.