Orgone Necklace ~ Heart Chakra Crystals Healing Pendant



A healing crystals orgonite necklace to balance the Heart Chakra and harmonize your vibration with the frequency of Universal Love. This Violet Flame Orgone pendant is handmade with clear intentions to protect your EMF and create space for growth in your life.

This orgone crystal heart pendant has rose Quartz, amethyst, chrysoprase, and pink and green tourmaline. I added dried lavender and rose petals to the orgone protection matrix to connect to the healing energy of the Earth. The base holds copper and my Shungite EMF Protection blend for maximum cleansing of your energetic field.

This Violet Flame Orgone pendant works to clear stagnant Chi from your EMF, and create greater space to give and receive Love. Intended to heal through the power of unconditional love.

Wear daily when actively working to open the heart and allow harmony within to manifest love with the ‘other.’ I recommend you share this pendant with someone in your life once you have completed your work with its’ energy to fully activate the abundant love of the Universe!

Violet Flame Orgone jewelry helps to align our energetic body. The layers of metal and resin with carefully selected crystals aid in a variety of physical, emotional and Spiritual imbalances resulting from our current environment.

Comes with a black cotton adjustable necklace

measures: 1″ in diameter and 1.5″ tall

please note Every Violet Flame Orgone creation is hand made and therefore one of a kind. The images above accurately portray the size, aesthetics and energy of the pendant; however, you will receive a unique creation intended for you.