Orgonite® EMF Protection Disc Orgone Cell Phone Wifi Tablet w/Shungite



This powerful 2 inch round disc is designed to attach to your cell phone, tablet or laptop. Electronic wireless devices give off unbalanced Electromagnetic (EMF) radiation that is unbalanced and can be felt in the body. Our cell phone orgonite discs help balance this energy via a layered mix of organic and inorganic materials in a medium squeezes over time and work to balance this energy. Our mix of high-density metals and crystals combined in resin create a balanced flow of piezoelectric energy due to the polyester resin constantly constricting and shrinking (about 3-5% over several years.) This constant compression is what creates the balancing effects of what is commonly called orgone. This mix includes Black Tourmaline, Elite Shungite, Nuummite, Selenite, Iron oxide, silica, quartz, mother of pearl, and both powdered and raw copper. Copper and Silver are the most conductive metals, copper is 30% more conductive that even pure gold and you can feel the difference in our products. Each disc includes the adhesive already attached. Just place on your phone, tablet or case. Strong enough to hold but you can still remove it if you changed phones. Each disc is approx 1/4″ (6mm) thick. This is not a sticker.