Pendant of Genuine Shungite “BERTA”, Karelian Shungite, EMF Protection, Energy Pendant, Root Chakra Healing



A miracle stone Shungitehas an age of about 2 billion years. Shungite has strong healing qualities, it treats, saves, cleans, heals, protects and normalizes your organism. But the greatest thing that this stone protects the human biofieldneutralizing the negative impact of different types of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation. This natural black stone is considered to be a real miracle. It suits every man and every house making the place around pure and safe. This is a medicine created by the nature. Pendant shungite at constant wearing effect on the body, contributing to its self-regulation and equalization of the total energy of the background. A piece of shungit normalizes the flow of nervous processes in the human organism, increases efficiency and resistance to stress. Pendants shungite helps with diseases of the thyroid gland, vegetative-vascular dystonia, reduced vital tone.