Major problems of processing technology of shungite rocks are illustrated in the book; ultimately new integrated technological classification of all shungite rock types, which has allowed to expand their application sphere by far, is given. On the basis of proposed classification, the technological evaluation methodology has been carried out and its theoretical substantiation is given. It is shown that sulfides and carbonates, contained in the shungite rock, should be exposed to chemical leaching process. For the first time, physico-chemical parameters of leaching process technology of sulfides have been established; deformation mechanism of sulfides during their drying has been figured out. It is proved that by the charring way, paroptesis and autoclave processing the series of valuable products can be obtained from the shungite rocks: liquid glass, sodium carbide, calcium chloride, metallic calcium, lime, cement. The book can cause significant scientific and practical interest for wide range of specialists, working in the sphere of natural resource enrichment that allows to recommend it for scientists and technical school teachers. It can also work as a valuable guidebook for engineers-technologists, projectors and employees of spheres allied with enrichment, and, thanks to availability and systematics narration of scientific research and technological bases of shungite raw processing – for technical students of mining specializations.