Purple Orgone Pyramid Chembuster with EMF Protection – Copper Pipe Extension Legs for Increasing Length of Coverage



This Orgone Pyramid has a laser crystal point at the apex. Vortex spirals are suspended in windows on each side of the pyramid to amplify the energy flow. Pure copper, iron, and aluminum metal shavings. Attach 3/4 inch copper pipes of any length up to ten feet. It’s functional uses are limitless. Place pyramid centrally in one’s living space to dissipate inharmonious EMF emissions, enhance health and healing – breath easy.

Add copper couplers to the pyramids copper legs and connect copper pipes of 4 – 12 inch lengths for cleansing and charging items such as water and other liquids (preferably in glass bottles), food, house plants, gemstones, seeds, etc. Place item underneath pyramid for one hour or more.

Add copper pipes of 4 to 5 feet length to sit, work, meditate or sleep under. Promote peace of mind, enhance cell regeneration, stimulate anti aging, and more.br>
Add copper pipes of 5 to 10 feet and place outside to enhance garden growth, disperse EMF emissions in the surrounding area.

Each chembuster cloud diffuser comes with an information sheet, purple flashlight pen, and free surprise gift.