Reversible Metatron Cube Orgonite Mixed Chakra Orgone Pendant OR Key Chain – Revitalization and Relaxation Chi Energy Enhancing Crystal Necklace Tesla Coil (Pendant 2.0″)




  • This Orgonite Pendant is reversible. One side features a unique Metraton Cube design and the other side features the Tesla Coil from Copper. Each energy point of the cube is backed with a unique gemstone
  • Necklace – Durable adjustable cord included 18″ length
  • Stone – Mixed Chakra Reiki Infused Purified Stone, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Jasper, Amethyst
  • Metals- Copper Tesla coil, aluminum and brass shavings
This orgonite pendant is designed to organize the negative energy that is all around us. This comes from mobile devices, motor vehicles, radio towers and much more. Our bodies were not designed to absorb this disorganized array of waves. Orgonite counteracts these negative and draining energies but absorbing and reorganizing these waves so as to not disrupt the natural energy of our bodies. This product is a life enhancement product and not intended as a cure for a medical condition. We do not make any claims to the healing properties of this product. This is a handmade product requiring careful and time-consuming construction. As such you can expect slight variations and minor marks. We do not consider these to be flaws, rather we feel they enhance the uniqueness of the product.