Santo Spirit Orgonite Chakra Kit 7 Piece EMF Protection Tower Busters | Free Bonus Pendant | Positive Healing Orgone Accumulator | Powerful Energy Generator | Entire House Protection




  • POTENT HEALING ENERGY: Each tower buster is crafted with Wilhelm Reich’s original formulation of 50/50% by weight mix of resin to metal shavings along with crushed quartz crystal. In addition, each different colored piece targets one chakra with a specific crystal. Nestled in the center is a single terminated copper wrapped clear quartz point, shungite & black iron oxide powder.
  • WHOLE HOUSE EMF PROTECTION: Seven tower busters allow you to transmute deadly orgone energy into positive orgone energy for an entire house. Being portable, you can even use them in your in your car, work or travel bag.
  • SELF-DRIVEN, SELF-CLEANSING ORGONE ENERGY GENERATOR: Utilizing the Piezoelectric effect, your tower busters will continually process negative energy, enhancing and raising the surrounding vibration without needing to be recharged or replaced.
  • LIFE FORCE ENERGY TRANSMUTER: As well as neutralizing EMF’s, your Orgonite Chakra Kit will help to clear negative emotions and ‘bad vibes’ from your space.
  • YOUR BONUS GIFT: As a token of our appreciation we’ll gift you with a unique Orgonite Pendant to protect you even when you sleep!
The Amazing Value Of Orgonite

Wilhelm Reich, the founder of Orgonite termed the word ‘orgone’ to describe the vital force that animates matter. It is a free flowing subtle energy that pervades and vivifies everything in the universe.

Deadly orgone energy causes imbalance and disease in the human energy system. Examples of this are EMF’s from cell phone towers, smart meters and electronic devices as well as negative emotions. Human beings are open energy systems (influenced by our environment). Thus it becomes important to transform the deadly orgone energy into positive orgone energy.

Orgonite is a mixture of resin, metal shavings, and a terminated quartz crystal point, poured into molds. Extra crystals or minerals can be added to the mixture to enhance it’s effectiveness. The metal parts attract, gather, and accumulate the surrounding life force energy. Once absorbed into the device, all the orgone energy is transformed and sent out with a positive, life enhancing quality.

Orgonite functions as a self-driven, continuously-operating, efficient energy transmutation device.

Orgonite’s can be used to:

  • Combat EMF’s
  • Clear and purify energies in the home
  • Enhance plant growth.
  • Aid in spiritual healing work

Having Orgonite in your field can clean up stuck or armored energy structures. It also makes a big difference in environments that have a lot of negativity.

The Orgonite Chakra Kit by Santo Spirit will protect you and your whole house from the effects of deadly orgone energy. Get yours today!