Shungite Balm Cream for Relieving Foot Fatigue




  • Natural Shungite from Karelia Russia.
  • Shungite has a powerful positive energy.
  • Shungite has healing, anti radiation and anti EMF qualities
  • Volume 75 ml
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Perfectly balanced, rich in natural active components of the cream-balm relieves tiredness of the day and heaviness in the legs. Cream-balm refreshes, soothes and deodorizes the skin of the feet. Recommended for foot massage. Horse chestnut increases tone and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, accelerates blood flow in the veins, reduces swelling of the legs and prevents their appearance. Highly active Karelian shungite has a powerful antioxidant effect, improves blood microcirculation, nourishes skin cells with necessary microelements, speeds up the update process and epithelization. Rutin strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Olive oil and sunflower nourish and moisturize the skin of the feet. Melissa oil and menthol soothe the skin, relieve inflammation, cool the skin. Panthenol has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Beeswax has anti-inflammatory, soothing and wound-healing properties.