Shungite Club ELITE SHUNGITE DETOXIFICATION STONE RUSSIA >100 gr/0,22 lb for water (5-10 gr per stone)




  • Elite Shungite stones for water purification
  • from The Republic of Karelia, Russia.
  • Elite Shungite Fraction: 5-10 gr per stone
  • Rare crystals with content pure carbon 92-98%
Elite Shungite Fraction: 5-10 gr From shungite quarry Karelia, Russia!!! 1 lot – >100 gr/0,22 lb How to Use Shungite to make fullerene-rich water: 1. Add 10-15 grams of Elite Shungite per 1 liter. of water and allow to mature for 30-40 minutes. 2. It is best to leave shungite in the water until it is consumed. This helps to maintain the fullerene-like structure and the hydrogen in the water