Shungite Club Shungite Genuine Stone Cube Unpolished 70x 70 mm from Russia




  • Shungite Cube Unpolished
  • Size of cube 70 mm
  • Russia, Karelia
How to use : Cube Shungite (as well as any product from this amazing material) can be not only protection from electromagnetic radiation and geopathic zones, but also as a pleasant souvenir or amulets and talismans. Cube Shungite, delivered to your desktop or in any work area perfectly accumulates positive energy that will always feed you and your others as needed. Like all products from shungite, Cube has a very pleasant aesthetic appearance. By the way, it goes especially well in combination with the pyramid and the ball. Cube Shungite perfect as a gift, combining the properties of harmonizing and strict geometry. You have to just select the cube designer for