Shungite High Pyramid Unpolished Stones Crystal Mineral (40 mm)




  • UnPolished Shungite pyramid
  • Size – 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm
  • Origin: Russia
The power field of a pyramid which is “adjusted” on a certain frequency interacts with an organism by the principle of feedback. Being adjusted on the frequency of a cage and entering with it a resonance, the pyramid helps it to reach an energy balance. Regular use is resulted by alignment of power of an organism, its biofield is recharged and becomes stronger. Most effectively the pyramid affects the person who is in the weakened state. For this purpose it is necessary to sit down conveniently, without crossing a foot, to put hands on knees palms up. To put one palm over another. To lower a pyramid on the top palm, to close eyes and to concentrate attention on the feelings. Perhaps, in a few minutes you will feel an easy pulsation and heat in palms. Then there will come muscular and nervous relaxation, feeling of ease and weightlessness of all body.