Shungite pyramid unpolished 30x30mm from Russia




  • electronic devices radiation protection
  • emf protection
  • reiki charged
Shungit – a unique natural material . The only field schungite in the world is in Karelia. Shungit has a complex chemical composition : mineral composed of silicate matrix , carbon-rich . Most recently, scientists discovered a new unique form of carbon , called fullerenes . The uniqueness of the fullerene is that the fullerene molecule – an organic molecule and crystal, formed by these molecules is the link between organic and inorganic substances ! Schungite stone has rich mineral composition , expressed sorption , bactericidal and catalytic properties , has for many years is the successful application in the treatment systems and drinking water activation . Products from shungita help neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation and weaken the negative impact on the human body geopathic zones .