Silicone Resin Mold for Jewelry Casting,DIY Crystal Pendant Epoxy Resin Making Kit for Resin Casting Beginner (174pcs)




  • RESIN CRAFT SET FOR BEGINNER:This resin molds kit particular design for beginners to DIY resin jewelry.The resin casting kit includes almost everything what a jewelry making newbie needed.It’s easy to cast and demold.
  • WHTAT YOU GET:Totally 174pcs!!!【1pc 12 holes pendant mold】【1pc 13 holes pendant mold】【5pcs cylindricity crystal molds】【1pc bracelet mold】【1pc 3 holes diamond mold】【1pc cone pendant mold】【1pc silicone measuring cup】【1pc needle /1pc stir /1pc scoop】【10pcs droppers】【40pcs finger cots】【100pcs eye pins】【10pcs disposable plastic cups】
  • MAKING YOUR OWN DESIGN:Up to 34 shapes molds for jewelry making,DIY your favorite pendants, earrings,bracelets,necklace pendant or other ideal reasin can also add some dried flowers, glitter, colors to decor your handcrafts.
  • HOW TO DEMOLD:It’s a bit tricky to release from the upright form molds, but a small amount of dish soap make it easily to pop the dried resin out.It’s not difficult, just take a couple minutes. The flat molds is easy to release with your hands ,no need other tools for help.
  • TIPS FOR RESIN BEGINNER:When it difficult to demold,there are 4 ways for help:1. Use a mold release spray./ 2.Use baby oil./ 3.A bit dish soap./4.Put the silicone mold in freezer about 2-5min.Then push from the mold bottom it will pop out.
1.Demold your works after fully cured.
2.Make it easy to demold,there’re 4 ways for help:
☛Ⅰ. Use a mold release spray.
☛Ⅱ. Use baby oil.
☛Ⅲ . A bit dish soap.
☛Ⅳ. Put it in the freezer about 10min.Then push from the mold bottom it will pop out.