Silicone Stir Stick Kit Including 3PCS Silicone Stir Sticks, 3PCS Silicone Epoxy Brushes for Mixing Resin, Paint, Epoxy, Making Glitter Tumblers, DIY Crafts




  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: 3PCS silicone stir sticks, 3 silicone epoxy brushes
  • SILICONE STIR STICK: Our stir stick is made of premium silicone, embed metal, not easy to bend and very durable, avoid you constantly purchasing Stir Sticks. Small and lightweight stick shape design, convenient for you to use and store
  • PROFESSIONAL EPOXY BRUSH: With good construction, well-made epoxy brush will help you to apply resin on tumblers much more smoothly. These epoxy brushes rinse off easily with some water, so you won’t have to worry about a bunch of glitter getting stuck in your bristles
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These stir sticks and brushes are made of silicone, just wipe clean using water and paper then you can use it again
  • 3PCS Silicone Epoxy Brushes: Perfect glitter tumbler crafter tool kit for applying layers of epoxy or resin across the cup, evenly and smoothly.
This practical tools kit perfect for you epoxy resin amazing cup turners, glitter craft tumblers, mugs and more other DIY projects with your friends, kids, family

The brushes are super soft and bendable, perfect for spreading epoxy on tumblers more smoothly and evenly

The stir stick are very lightweight and easy to use help you mix the resin completely

Package Include:

3 Pcs x Silicone stir sticks
3 Pcs x Silicone epoxy