Superclear Premium Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear for Superior Wood Tables and River Tables – 1 Gallon, 2 Part Epoxy Resin Kit




  • 👍 FORMULATED for River Tables, Live Edge Table,s Countertops and Bar tops! The PERFECT Art Resin for using with Pigment Powder, Mica Powder, Alcohol Ink, Resin Dyes and Resin Tints!
  • 👍 HIGHEST UV RESISTANCE! PERFECT Epoxy Resin Color Pigment Mixing Every time!
  • 👍 DIY EPOXY KIT MIXER INCLUDES: Clear Epoxy Resin And Hardener!
  • 👍 We Are the Original Manufacturer, and We’ve Been in this Business for over 60 years! 100%MADE IN THE USA!

SUPERCLEAR EPOXY is THE CLEAREST Epoxy Resin Countertop Kit you will find on the market, and is the best epoxy resin for wood, DIY river tables, epoxy live edge tables, epoxy inlay in wood, epoxy resin table top repairs, epoxy resin wood art, and much more.

Our formula makes this product perfect for:

  • ✔ Using epoxy resin on kitchen countertops
  • ✔ Epoxy resin table top DIY projects
  • ✔ Wood and epoxy resin tables
  • ✔ Laminating wood with epoxy resin
  • ✔ Perfect for epoxy resin color pigments and all countertop epoxy colors.
  • ✔ Works in ALL Epoxy Molds Flawlessly!
  • No matter the task, we are the best choice for all of your DIY epoxy countertop ideas!

    Our customers continually say we are the best epoxy resin for river tables & for wood, the best casting epoxy & best epoxy clear coat!

    SuperClear Epoxy is ALSO Perfect For:

    • ✔ Epoxy wood table top
    • ✔ Live edge wood table top
    • ✔ Epoxy resin for countertops
    • ✔ Epoxy resin sealer for wood
    • ✔ Epoxy resin for wood cracks
    • ✔ Epoxy kits for countertops
    • ✔ Epoxy resin table top diy
    • ✔ Epoxy resin wood art & MORE!

    Directions: Follow mixing directions on the bottle or pamphlet that comes with the product. For River tables, pour no thicker than ¼ inch at a time. Allow 60 minutes at 77 degrees, and then add another ¼ inch Layer. Continue Process until project is complete.

    For Quicker Thick 2″ + Thick Pours for River Tables, Try:

    • 👍 B07PXF288C
    • 👍 B07PXFDBVR
    • 👍 B07PXGFGCS

    We are the largest privately owned distributor and manufacturer of composite & resin in the southeast, based in Florida! *SOLD ONLINE ONLY