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Gemstone Elixir 18 Oz Water Bottle
Easily switch out the crystals depending on your mood!
Re-usable compartment to insert the crystals of your choice
Add water or the drink of your choice.
Feel the transformational powers of the gemstones converting the ordinary drinking water into an elixir that truly work intentions in their lives.

EAU DE GEMME Gemstone Elixir Bottle is a unique bottle that always one to prepare Gemstone Water or Gemstone Elixir. This bottle comes with a separate gem filled compartment at its base so that when you pour water into the bottle, the vibrations from the gem blend instantly begins to work on the water. The crystals are separately encased so that you: **do not have to wear them out through constant cleaning **they do not come in direct contact with the water, ** the gem case can be removed, giving a person freedom to insert the crystals of their choice or make the blends. The healing vibrations of gemstones have been observed through time immemorial. Eastern philosophers in the first century would heal people by exposing them to specific crystals that would rid them of mental unease and free them of physical discomfort, too. The Bodhi Lotus has specially honed this old wisdom and refined it in a modern way through our line of gemstone water bottles, Eau de Gemme. With more than 20 years of experience on crystal healing, Michael Gienger and Joachim Goebel, co-authors of the book” Gem Water” explain their studies, research, and findings on the use of gemstone water. Gemstones can store energy. The Gem Blends from The Bodhi Lotus EAU DE GEMME are meditated over so that only positive thoughts and energies are cast into them for the benefit of the receiver.