The Solar Powered Orbital Orgone Mini Tower – Taking Orgone Energy Tools to the Next Degree by Adding Light into the Orgone Matrix



While most orgone energy generating tools work passively, this mini orgone tower is on active duty. Powered by light, the generation of orgone energy is stimulated as it revolves 360 degrees – actively sending beneficial orgone energy in all directions – much like the spiraling motion of the milky way galaxy.

Created using resin, six metal spiral vortexes, three copper tubes, three tiger eye spheres and one central quartz crystal point – connected onto a solar revolver. Just place near a light source such in the window for sunlight or on a desk near electric lighting.

Enhance resilience to stress; Increase sense of well-being; Assist mental clarity. Solid orgone matrix. Excellent for EMF protection.

Not imported. Made here at the Monastery. Comes with information sheet and surprise gift.

Each orgonite-type device comes with an information sheet, purple flashlight pen, and free surprise gift.