Unpolished Shungite 2 Harmoniser (Cylinder). Shungite 4×1.35 Inch Diameter



Ancient sages considered the surrounding space as something constantly changing, being in constant motion, provided that the interaction of two opposing forces – yin and yang. Likewise, a person to regain health, you need to achieve a balance between mind and body. For this purpose the various minerals and a corresponding Yin of Yang energy. Ability to use the stones themselves have a soft and versatile effects on the body. Through their influence is equalized broken body energy (yin-yang), hence, improvement of the whole organism.

Method of application:

1. Schungite cylinder (yin) held in the left hand, talkohlorit (yang) – on the right.

2. Posture: sitting in a relaxed pose, legs uncrossed. Mineral cylinders tightly compressed and held in both hands parallel to each other. To enhance the effect – close your eyes, leave aside all thoughts, focus on the sensations.

3. Duration – 10-15 minutes