Wallystone Gems: Shungite Sticker For Electronics – Unpolished Round Ø 25




  • Ø Shungite: 25mm/0,99 inch; Thickness: 3mm
  • Good for protection against electromagnetic waves, radiation and negative energies
  • One side has adhesive pad. Just remove paper and stick on anything
  • Eco clean packaging
  • Origin manufactured: The Republic of Karelia
Shungit displays lots of healing properties. The ability of protecting a man against the electromagnetic radiation is among them. Attach the shungite sticker to the mobile phone, smartphones, any electronics and forget that your technique is deteriorating your health. Shungite sticker neutralizes the radiation coming from the device which is always within touch. Shungite plates for mobile phones are an irreplaceable protection against the invisible enemy – electromagnetic radiation.