Wallystone Gems: Wholesale LOT 1 lb Noble Elite Solid Crystal Shungite Stone After Mechanical Cleaning for Water & Jewelry Making (5-9 Grams) per one Crystal




  • You will receive UNIQUE SHUNGITE NUGGETS. Quantity total: 1 lb Random crystals, weight (one stone): 5-9 grams (avg. 0.18-0.35 oz) as it was found in the rocks of the Republic of Karelia Medvezhyegorsk.
  • ELITE SHUNGITE STONES have amazing silvery shining and are rich in carbon content (up to 98 %). Our stones are selected manually, mechanically pre-cleaned without the use of chemistry, so that you get the best stones.
  • To the crystals is given a Сertificate of Quality
  • Shungite stones of premium class from the brand Wallystone Gems. To us trust and purchase a quality product.
How to Use Shungite to make fullerene-rich water: 1. Add 10-15 grams of Elite Shungite per 1 liter. of water and allow to mature for 30-40 minutes. 2. It is best to leave shungite in the water until it is consumed. This helps to maintain the fullerene-like structure and the hydrogen in the water.